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Surgical Procedures

Providing high-quality surgical care in a stress-free and relaxing environment.

Here at Pioneer Animal Hospital, there is no such thing as routine surgery, as general anesthesia for any procedure carries potential risks. Our state-of-the-art monitoring includes a certified veterinary technician assessing vitals on a continual basis during the procedure and monitoring equipment to measure blood pressure, SPO2, CO2, EKG, and temperature. IV catheter and fluids are not optional for most anesthetic procedures to help support the patient before, during, and after.

Below are some of the surgical procedures we offer:

$City Veterinary Surgeries

Spay & Neuter Procedures

Help your pet live a long, healthy life.

Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery on eyes, ears, and other soft tissue areas.

Canine Bloat

Bloat, stomach torsion or twisted stomach

Orthopedic Pet Surgery

Cruciate, patella luxation, and hip surgery

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